Meet your new creative department

Multitasking Lab

Mirror is composed of talented creatives, cinematographers, developers, designers and animators which have learned to work in perfect synergy during the years, constantly sharing their knowledge with each other. Our team is young and has a natural interest in keeping up-to-date. This solid structure allows us to closely follow every aspect of the product’s creation and to maintain its consistency, without delegating anything to third parties.

Brand Dialogue

Our human-size dimension allows us to build tailor-made products for our clients, constantly listening to their needs and giving them the full attention they deserve. The whole team is involved during the creation and production processes, offering continuous availability and attention to the customer feedback.
This allows Mirror to perfectly integrate the brand identity creation process with graphic design, web, photo and video services; to build a coherent and picture-perfect image of our clients.

All about Quality

Our personal love for cinematography has left us with a meticulous care for detail, beauty and artistic value.
Mirror carries out high-quality film work made with state of the art equipment, in the fields of advertising, fiction and reportage, coordinating small and mid-sized film troupes. Our cinematographers are followed by a team of animators and motion designers who can create embedded or stand alone motion graphics.

Interactive Soul

Mirror was born out of a shared passion for film work, but quickly expanded to other fields. We witnessed the rise of the Internet age and quickly got involved with all those technologies which we felt allowed us to expand our creative range.
Today, among Mirror’s services, we’re proud to offer innovative techniques such as VR video and motion experiences, Augmented Reality apps, holographic display cases, and interactive motion graphics.