Mirror Prod

We are a digital creative agency






X Series




Our all-star team of film, motions graphers and VFX professionals handles projects of nearly every scale and genre, from single-camera studio shootings to multi-camera commercial shoots, 3D Holographic Projections and Projection Mapping. In an era where the cutting edge of technology is constantly being redefined, we are committed to staying at the forefront of everything that is possible, technically and creatively.


We are working on a specific Content Management System for fashion events by providing a team of graphic designers, video editors and content managers. We build websites and apps, offering a full service of backend and frontend. With a full team of developers working on cutting-edge solutions, we customise interactive development for every client need.

Ad Campaign

We can handle all aspects of communication management. We analyse every aspect of your industry and apply our digital expertise to build a brand image from the start. From video commercials to photo shootings and coordinated graphics, from web development to application programming, we create unconventional marketing actions, bringing innovative solutions to the clients demand.

Social Media

We can help you engage in social media by building and managing your social channels, digital PR, and social advertising. We do this through influencer campaigns, conversation platforms, community building and management, social applications and conversation response. We’ll produce results for you!